Best online math courses or classes

Best online math courses

Approximately 93% of students admitted that they face some level of math anxiety or fear of Math. And some cases become serious. 

According to a modern survey report, 11% of American University students have serious math anxiety. This is so serious that they need to go for counseling.

Resource – Harvard Business Review

If you are among this 93% of students then you are wondering about how to overcome this fear. 

The best way is to learn math properly, understand its concept and practice math. 

 The best news for you is that to learn math you don’t need to rely on your school, college, university or tutors only.

 Now you have the opportunity for online education. So,  you can opt for the best online math courses or classes and learn at your own pace.

Why do students fear math? 

We have already seen that a huge amount of people fear math

But the question is why people fear math? 

People fear math for various reasons. Such as they become confused with numbers, concepts of math, various formulas, etc.

They become nervous when thinking about math. People fear public humiliation, lack of confidence, etc. 

The pressure of finishing the problem in time is also a big issue for students.

All these reasons can be only overcome by learning Mathematics from the basics. Now you can also opt for online math classes. 

Why is Math Important?

Like me, are you also thinking why do we study mathematics?

Then let me give you 8 reasons to learn Mathematics. 

1.Math is used in many other subjects- 

Math is a subject which is used in many other subjects. Such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Economics, Psychology, etc. 

Not only science subjects need math but pure arts also need to understand math. For sculpting, painting etc. also needs math. 

2.Math is the base of Technology – 

Math is the base of all technologies. Computers, rockets, communication, development, AI, etc. all are dependent on math. 

3.Math is a part of everyday life- 

Math is part of our everyday life. Math is part of our everyday life. 

We need to do basic calculations every day. Like buying things, calculating time for various work, doing day to day work, etc.

4.Time Management – 

Math will teach you the skill of time management. With this skill, you will be able to manage every work with efficiency. 

5.Develop problem-solving skills – 

While solving maths problems you will also develop problem-solving skills. This will help you in the future. 

6.Exercise of the brain- 

Practicing math is also a good exercise for your brain. According to recent studies, it develops the brain a lot. It also develops a quick response, analytical skills and a logical mind. 

7.Math helps in finance management – 

Finance management and budgeting are one of the very important parts of life. For every work, we need to fix a budget and manage finance. Math develops this skill in you. 

8.Important for a career- 

In whatever career you go knowing basic math will be helpful for you. It will help you to perform all your tasks efficiently. 

Also, all organizations like to hire a good problem solver with a logical and analytical mind. Math will help you to achieve these. 

Now you know why should you learn math. So you can choose online math classes to learn math in a fun way. 

Math as a subject –

Mathematics or Math is a subject that includes the study of number theory, structure, space, shapes, changes, etc. 

Divisions of Math

Math is mainly divided into two parts- 

Basic Math and Advanced Math. 

Basic math is actually the simple concept of mathematics. It generally contains counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, pre-algebra, simple geometry, etc. 

Advanced Math is again divided into two major divisions and some subdivisions. 

1. Pure math 

  • Number Theory
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Arithmetic
  • Combinatorics
  • Topology
  • Mathematical Analysis
  • Logic

2. Applied Math 

  • Calculus
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Set Theory
  • Trigonometry
  • Computing theory
  • Mathematical physics 
  • Information theory and signal processing 
  • Operational research 

Resource – byjus and Wikipedia 

Learning basic Math – 

Many people don’t like to deal with numbers. they don’t think that they need all these complicated formulas and concepts of math. But educators believe that everyone should learn maths basics. 

They think that everyone should know basic mathematics topics. Such as basic mathematics concepts and basic mathematics formulas etc. 

Basic math practice is an integrated part of people’s daily life.

Online math classes

With the advancement of technology and penetration of the internet, students have access to online classes. Online classes are a good option. 

In a traditional classroom, many students can not voice their doubts because of  lack of confidence, shyness, etc. But here they can learn at their own pace and clear their confusion.

Online math classes are fun and full of activities for kids. Senior students can get the best mentors and teachers can learn new teaching techniques. 

Online math classes for kids

Online math classes for kids helps them to understand concepts and improve. These are generally full of illustrative lessons, fun activities and quizzes which makes kids interested in math. These classes improve their grade and confidence. Also reduces the chance of math anxiety. 

Certificate courses in mathematics

Online math classes are not only for school going kids but many institutes are providing online degree courses also. There are many reputed colleges and universities that give students the opportunity of online education.  

Online math classes for teachers

Not only students need to learn about the subject but teachers also need to learn how to teach a subject. There are many online math classes for teachers available. Here teachers learn techniques of teaching, how to teach math easily etc. 

Best online math courses

We want to assist you to find a suitable course for yourself. So,  we are providing a list of 12  best online Math courses. 

Khan Academy- 

Khan academy is a non-profit educational organization. It was established in 2008 by Sal Khan. Their mission is to help students and teach them online. 

They provide short video tutorials for all academic subjects. 

They also provide practice exercises. They have their youtube channel, website and apps. All resources are free for students and educators.

 From a kid of 2 years to people who are preparing for SAT all can find suitable courses for them here. 

Introduction to Linear Models and Matrix Algebra-

Harvard University and edx brought this course for you. Your instructors are Harvard faculty Rafael Irizarry and Michael Love.

Highlights of the course  

  • In this course, you will learn Matrix algebra notation, Matrix algebra operations, Application of matrix algebra to data analysis and Linear models, etc. 
  • It is a 4-week course. 
  • This course is an intermediate level course. 
  • Course material is primarily available in English. 

Basic Statistics- 

University of Amsterdam and Coursera brought this course for you. Your instructors are Matthijs Rooduijn (Dr.) and Emiel van Loon. 

Highlights of the course- 

  • In this course, you will learn methods of descriptive statistics (cases, variables, central tendency, dispersion, etc.), probability and methods of inferential statistics. 
  • You will also learn statistical hypothesis testing. 
  • It is a beginner level course. 
  • It contains approximately 27 hours of video content. 
  • Primary language is English but you will get subtitles in  English, Vietnamese, German.

How to Learn Math: For Students- 

Stanford University along with edx brought this course for you. Your instructor is Stanford University faculty Jo Boaler. 

Highlights of the course- 

  • In this course, you will learn strategies needed to approach math effectively, Information about your own potential to succeed in math, Correct any misconceptions about math. 
  • Topics contained in the syllabus are -Knocking Down the Myths About Math, Math and Mindset, Mistakes and Speed, Number Flexibility, Mathematical Reasoning, and Connections, Number Patterns and Representations, Math in Life, Nature and Work, etc.
  • It is a 6-week course 
  • It is an introductory or beginners level course. 
  • The primary language of the course is English.

Introduction to Algebra- 

edx and School yourself brought this course to you. School yourself is providing math education in interactive 1 to 1 style. Your instructors are Zach Wissner-Gross, John Lee, Vivek Venkatachalam, Kenny Peng, Michael Fountaine, Stephen Face. 

Highlights of the course 

  • In this course you will learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, positive and negative integers, decimals, fractions, evaluation of powers and roots, simplify expressions with exponents, solving single-variable and multivariable equations and inequalities, using both slope-intercept and point-slope form, etc. 
  • It is a 4 weeks long course 
  • It is an introductory or beginners level course
  • The primary language for the course is English. 

Statistical Learning- 

Stanford University along with edx brought this course for you. Your instructors are Stanford university faculty Trevor Hastie and Robert Tibshirani. 

Highlights of the course 

  • In this course you will learn an overview of statistical learning, Linear regression, Classification, Resampling methods, Linear model selection and regularization, Moving beyond linearity, Tree-based methods, Support vector machines, etc. 
  • It is a 9 weeks long course 
  • It is an introductory or beginner level course. 
  • The primary language of the course is English 

Advanced Precalculus: Geometry, Trigonometry and Exponentials-

If you are in your last year of school or yet to begin your college studies this course is for you.  

Future Learner and the University of Padova brought this course for you to give you a fair idea of Precalculus. Your instructors are Francis Clarke, Carlo Mariconda, Alberto Tonolo, Valentina Franceschi and Francesco Mattiello. 

Highlights of the course- 

  • In this course, you will learn Plane and solid geometry, Logarithms and exponentials, Trigonometric functions and identities, Equalities and inequalities involving exponential and trigonometric functions, etc. 
  • This course is for school students. 
  • It is a 4-week long course

Intro to Statistics- 

School Of Programming and Development along with Udacity brought this course. Your instructor is Sebastian Thrun. 

Highlights of the course – 

  • In this course, you will learn Visualizing relationships in data, Probability, Estimation, Outliers and Normal Distribution, Inference, Regression, etc. 
  • It is a beginner level course. 
  • It is a 2 months long course 
  • It gives you access to a student support community. 

Introduction to Mathematical Thinking- 

Stanford University along with Coursera brought this course for you. Your instructor is Dr. Keith Devlin, Co-founder and Executive Director of Stanford University. 

Highlights of the course- 

  • In this course, you will learn number theory, real analysis, mathematical logic, Equivalence, Mathematical Formulas, etc. 
  • It is an intermediate level course. 
  • It is approximately 39 hours of video content. 
  • The primary language of the course is English but you can get Brazilian, Russian, English, Spanish subtitles. 

Become an Algebra Master- 

Udemy and Krista King brought you a course about algebra to make you master in math. 

Highlights of the course – 

  • In this course you will learn Operations, Equations and systems of equations, polynomials, factoring, Inequalities, Fractions, exponents, and radicals, Graphing, Functions, Exponential and logarithmic, etc. 
  • In this course, you will get videos, notes, quizzes and workbooks. 
  • This course is for students and anyone who wants some math fun. 
  • This course has 24 sections and  331 lectures
  • This course contains approximately 14 hours of video content.  

Master Linear Algebra 2020: The Complete Study Of Spaces-

This course is created by Kody Amour and available in Udemy. It will teach you algebra in a fun way. 

Highlights of the course-

  • In this course, you will learn linear systems, vectors, matrix algebra, linear transformations, etc. 
  • This is an intermediate level course. 
  • It contains 7 sections and  70 lectures
  • This course contains approximately 11 hours and 30 minutes of video content. 

Master Number Theory 2020: The Secrets Of Numbers-

With this math course, you can learn the secret of Integers And Prime Numbers and understand math better. Your instructor is Kody Amour and the course is available in Udemy. 

Highlights of the course- 

  • In this course, you will learn about prime numbers, Algebra, Primitive Roots, Factorization, Diophantine Equations, Reciprocity Theorem, etc. 
  • This course is for college students.
  • It contains 3 sections and  51 lectures.
  • This course contains approximately 9 hours of video content. 

Mathematics books 

For your benefit, we are listing some basic mathematics books and some advanced mathematics books. 

  1. ISE Math in Our World: A Quantitative Reasoning Approach by David Sobecki and Brian Mercer.
  2. Pathways to Math Literacy by David Sobecki
  3. Introductory and Intermediate Algebra by Margaret L. Lial, John Hornsby, et al.
  4. Master Math: Basic Math and Pre-Algebra by Debra Anne Ross.
  5. Introduction to Modern Number Theory: Fundamental Problems, Ideas and Theories: 49 (Encyclopaedia of Mathematical Sciences)
  6. Sponsored 
  7. Introduction to Modern Number Theory: Fundamental Problems, Ideas and Theories: 49 (Encyclopaedia of Mathematical Sciences) by Yu. I. Manin and Alexei A. Panchishkin
  8. Fun and Fundamentals of Mathematics by Narlikar
  9. Maths in Minutes: 200 Key Concepts Explained In An Instant by Paul Glendinning
  10. Handbook of Mathematics by Arihant Experts
  11. Basic Mathematics: An Introduction: Teach Yourself by Alan Graham
  12. Challenge and Thrill of Pre-College Mathematics by V. Krishnamurthy
  13. The Calculus Tutoring Book by Carol Ash and Robert B. Ash
  14. Practice Book On Quicker Maths by K Kundan and M Tyra
  15. Fundamentals of Mathematics – Differential Calculus by Sanjay Mishra

Learning Apps for Math

Apps are a good way to learn. So we are providing a list of some apps for math. 

  1. All Maths Formulas
  2. Monster Math – Math facts learning app for kids
  3. iCrosss
  4. Byju’s 
  5. Microsoft Math Solver
  6. Photomath
  7. MathsApp – Vedic Math Tricks
  8. Math Kids – Add, Subtract, Count, and Learn
  9. Mathematics
  10. Math Tests – mathematics practice questions

Math competitions

Math competitions or Math  Olympiad are quite popular among students.  There are lots of popular national and international Math olympiads organized every year. 

Math games for kids

  1. Math | Riddles and Puzzles Math Games
  2. Simple Math – Learn Add & Subtract Math Games
  3. Math Workout – Math Games
  4. Math Exercises for the brain, Math Riddles, Puzzle
  5. Math Master – Math games
  6. Toon Math: Endless Run and Math Games
  7. Math Games, Learn Plus, Minus, Multiply & Division
  8. Math Games for Kids with Tables
  9. Math Land: Addition Games for kids
  10. Math Games for Adults

In this article, we discussed Math anxiety and how to overcome it by learning math. 

Please let us know what you feel about the article in the comments. If you have any suggestions please write it down in the comments.

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