Why should you choose online courses?

online courses

The promise of quality education and the rise of internet users helped the expanse of online education.

Do you know E-learning shows a drastic growth in the last decade? According to experts, it will grow more in the future. Research and Marketers forecast that the online education market will be $350 Billion by 2025. 

Online Education has changed the mode of learning completely.

In the case of e-learning teachers and instructors are more like guides. They generally conduct a learning season. 

While students take part as active collaborators rather than only passive learners.

What is an online course? 

“online course is designed as a built environment for learning. It’s constructed as an experience that can be followed sequentially or can be accessed throughout the designated time period,” – by Wendy Woon, director of education at the Museum of Modern Art.

In easy words, you can say online courses are all about a way to learn new things or skills via the internet. These courses can be either free or paid. 

These courses have different forms,  like recorded video tutorials, live webinars, projects, etc.

But the common factor is that they are provided online through Websites, YouTube, or LMS.

You can attain short, medium, and long courses for certification and degrees. 

Benefits of online classes for Students 

Now you know what is an online course or education and the high growth rate of online courses with time. So the obvious question coming in your mind is why students choose online classes? 

People choose online courses because it comes with a large number of benefits. 

Let’s discuss the benefits of Online courses- 

1. Flexibility 

The course schedule is very flexible. Students can do the courses at their own convenient time.

So, they can study without compromising with their other commitments. It is most beneficial for professionals, who want to upgrade their skills along with their job.

2. Cost-effective 

online courses cost less than traditional physical courses. As there is no need to maintain a physical property and manage a large number of stuff, institutes are able to offer the same course at a low price. 

Not only the price of the course is less but the student also saves money needed for transport and relocation.


It saves a lot of time as students don’t need to go to the institute. So, they can save the time of transportation and the wasted time between the classes. 

4. Networking Opportunities 

Online education provides students the opportunity to establish peer to peer connections beyond boundaries and form a community. 

These connections and networks lead to chances of joint ventures in the future. The community also helps to short out subject related problems and brainstorm for a great idea. 

Networking also makes them aware of different cultures. It makes them sensitive and helps to adjust in various situations. 

5. Documentation

All the information and materials needed for the course are saved in a database. 

Video tutorials, recording of live discussion, assignments, project guidelines are available in LMS. 

So students can access them easily when they need it.

6. Easier access to teacher 

You may think in e-learning, less of a face to face meeting put a big distance between you and the teacher. but in reality, you have much easier access to your teacher than offline class. 

In the offline class, if you have a doubt you can ask your teacher. But the teacher has to consider a lot of things like finishing the lesson on time, answering all students, etc.. 

So he can give you a brief answer or avoid giving an answer.  In e-learning, you can mail your query to your teacher or ask in a forum. And your teacher will explain it to you in their own time.

7. Access to Expertise

Online courses give students to access courses that may not be available in their nearest location. It also provides international level courses from their own town or city. 

Through online courses, they can get access to the best faculty of their own subject.

8. Self-discipline and responsibility

Online courses will not only teach you the subject. But it will also teach you to become self-disciplined and responsible.

There will not be anyone near you physically to keep an eye on you. Practically you will be spending your study time alone. So, you need to be responsible and self-disciplined to study without any destruction and maintain your deadline.  

It will also teach you time management to short out how and when to finish your study and projects on time. And will transform you to be a self- motivated person. 

9. More choice of course topics

Undoubtedly online courses provide more variety than any offline institutes. Logically, offline institutes have a limited number of courses to offer. 

You also need to worry about which institutes are providing those courses and their location. so, it narrows down your choices. 

But in online education, you can choose the subject of your preference without worrying about location and limitation. 

10. Location independent

 As you don’t need to go to your institute physically so it doesn’t matter where the institute is situated. You can pursue an international course from an institute of a foreign country without relocating there.

11. Comfortable learning environment

With the facility to complete your coursework anywhere, it’s up to you to choose where to study.

You can choose your comfortable learning environment like home, library, coffee shop, etc. 

You need only a good internet connection and a digital screen for your study. So, you can find a peaceful and comfortable place to study without any noise or destruction.

12. Self- paced learning 

In the case of online learning, you are getting the opportunity of learning at your own pace. 

 In traditional classrooms, you need to learn according to your teacher. But here you can take all your time to understand and proceed on your own. 

Unlike traditional classrooms, you can repeat the same lecture numerous times and learn. You do not need to be on the same page with your peers and study at your convenience. 

13. Mobility

Online courses come with mobility. You can continue your study at any time, anywhere and on the go. 

14. Technical skill

Along with the subject, online education will also teach you some technical skills. 

You will need to access your LMS (Learning Management system), forums to connect, etc. 

So, it will definitely teach you how to operate various software, use forums, social media platforms and your hardware up to some point. 

This basic technical knowledge will later help you in your career.

15. Easy accessibility of study materials

 Online course study materials are available for students on the learning management system (LMS). Students have access to the study materials for a lifetime. So after the period of course also they can revise their knowledge whenever they want. 

Generally, they get the updated version of course materials also whenever they are being updated. 

They also can find various other resources related to their subject online. So they can easily enhance their knowledge.

16. Less intimidating 

Many people can’t communicate in a physical classroom due to fear of public speaking. But online they can communicate via email or chat freely and clear their doubts.

17. Easy to Focus

In traditional offline classes, it is sometimes very difficult to focus on the lecture. Generally, there is a lot of noise and destruction in the classroom. It is very common that the people sitting beside you are disturbing you or chit-chatting. 

During online classes, these destructions are not there as you are studying alone so it is easy to focus.

18.Refined Critical-thinking Skills 

Online education improves a student’s critical thinking ability.  It will push you to think out of the box and face your own challenges. 

Critical thinking is a part of all types of education.  In the in-person classroom, there are your fellow students to help you.  But, online learning forces you to develop this skill as here you are on your own to face your challenges.

19. Innovative and practical

e-learning courses are innovative and practical. instead of old concepts, they are based on practical knowledge. 

Teachers also experiment while designing these courses to make them innovative and useful. e-learning courses are generally based on case studies and practical tips. These are useful in day to day life and career growth. 

20. Improve communication skills

Online education also improves your communication skills.  You’ll communicate with your professors and peers regularly through various mediums. Either you will write in emails, chats, forums, community, or speak over the phone or video call. This regular practice is bound to sharpen your communication skills.

Disadvantages of online education 

Online education has both advantages and disadvantages. There are a few disadvantages. 

1. Online education needs self-discipline and time management skills. As there is nobody to watch you regularly there is a chance of losing motivation and lazing around. 

2. Less face to face interaction with the teacher and students brings a  feeling of distance in people’s minds. 

3. Social isolation. For online education, many people spend most of their time in front of their laptops or phones. Hence lack of human communication makes them socially distant. 

4. Online education is not suitable for all subjects.  For practical-based skills like driving a car, flying a plane, engineering, medical, etc. still, people need traditional education. 

5. Online courses are not available for all subjects. 

These are a few disadvantages of online education and most of them can be overcome with little effort from your side. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find online courses? /Where will you get online courses?

There are lots of online platforms that provide good online courses like Udemy, Coursera, edx, Udacity, etc. 

How to choose online courses? 

Finding the right online course which suits your needs is very important. A course that doesn’t fulfill your purpose will lose your interest, motivation, and confidence. But how can you choose the best one for you from thousands of online courses available on the internet? 

There are few  factors to consider and some steps to follow before choosing an online course 

you can follow these steps to find the course that’s a good fit for you.

  • Decide the skill you want to learn and for which purpose.
  •  Explore the courses which are teaching the skills and fulfilling your purpose.  
  • Check the review and your instructor’s background. 
  • Check the course details and seek for a free preview of the course.
  • Check out the certificate’s credibility. 
  • Check out the cost, duration of the course, and flexibility of time.

Is an Online Degree Right for You?

Now after learning so many things about online courses/degree you might be thinking is it right for you? you can easily figure it out by asking yourself a few questions like –

  1. Do you have a Computer/laptop/mobile and good Internet Access? 
  2. Do you Enjoy Using the Computer/Laptop/Mobile etc?  
  3. Are you Self-Motivator? 
  4. Are you  Responsive to Online Communications and Comfortable Participating in Online Discussions? 
  5. Are you Comfortable Working Independently? 
  6. Are you good at planning, time management, and  Meeting Deadlines? 
  7. Do you  Prefer Flexible Scheduling Options? 

If the answers to all these questions are yes then an online course is absolutely right for you.

How do online classes work?

Before you choose your online course you definitely want to know how online courses work. 

Online classes are much like the same way they would be in a physical classroom.  For your satisfaction, we are proving a general overview of an online class. 

  1. First, you are going to log in to your Learning management system (LMS). 
  2. You will Listen to Lecture Material or read course material provided to you. 
  3. You need to Complete Assignments in time. 
  4. you can take part in online Discussion. 
  5. You will have your assessment or examination online. 
  6. After qualifying the exam your certificate will be generated and you will be able to download it or the institute will mail the same to you. 

Are online classes easier than traditional on-campus programs?

Are you expecting online classes to be easier than traditional offline classes? Not every time. Online classes are not at all easier than classes offered in the traditional classroom.  

  • Online courses need more self-motivation. 
  • The workload for online classes is the same as on-campus classes. Don’t expect to do less work in an online class. 
  • The curriculum for online classes and offline classes is the same for all formats. 
  • Sometimes online classes need more participation in discussion than offline classes. 
  • Exams are as hard as offline classes. 
  • Exam time is strictly followed as after the time your exam window will close.

Can I get financial aid for online classes?

When online courses came into existence there was no financial aid for it. Now financial loans or aid are available for an online degree or PG courses if the institute is credible and genuine. But you should check with your institute’s financial aid office before you enroll. 

Can I get a job after doing an online course? 

Yes, you can get a job. Most employers nowadays value online education. So, if you have done your online course from a popular and reliable institute then you don’t need to worry. 

Nowadays most of the Employers generally consider your skills, not your degree. 

Your online degree will be beneficial for you to get placement. As it will show your various skills like time management, decision-making, teamwork, and enthusiasm to learn. 

Hopefully, we have cleared all your doubts about online courses and gave you a reason to choose an online course. Do not hesitate to contact us for any further doubt or questions. send your queries and suggestions by contacting us. 

Please comment and let us know what you think about online courses and which online course you are going to choose next. we are looking forward to your comments. 

Thanks and regards, 

Iskilldesign Team

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